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ClearOS Community 6.4.0 Beta 2 Release Information

Released: March 20, 2013

ClearOS Community 6.4.0 Beta 2 has arrived! Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, this release introduces a new reports engine, a storage manager, an antimalware file scanner, a basic POP/IMAP server, RADIUS, mail retrieval (fetchmail) as well as upstream proxy support.

Some of the new apps in the beta are NOT available via the Marketplace but can be installed via yum. You can find installation and app details further below.

If you have not already done so, please review the introduction to test releases.

Changes Since Beta 1

There have been a number of important changes since the Alpha 1 release:

  • Many little usability issues have been addressed
  • RADIUS Server was added
  • Mail Retrieval was added
  • ClearOS Core 6.4.0 was integrated
  • Additional ClearOS Core packages (clearos-core) now disabled by default

The full changelog is here.

What's New in ClearOS Community 6.4.0

The following is a list of features coming in ClearOS Community 6.4.0.

For businesses and organizations, ClearOS Professional 6.4.0 (not yet released) will also include:

  • Amazon EC2 Images
  • Samba 4 Directory (Beta)

There have also been a couple of apps already released since ClearOS 6.3.0:

The full changelog can be found here:


Please post your feedback in the ClearOS Development and Test Release Forum.



32-bit623 MBd7b2bbee5727a16c9c77e9df8d53f343clearos-community-6.4beta2-i386.iso
64-bit666 MB178f1b6b08f01c48a30485903c1918b1 clearos-community-6.4beta2-x86_64.iso

Upgrade from ClearOS Community 6.3.0

You can upgrade an existing ClearOS 6 system to 6.4.0 Beta 2 using the following command:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing upgrade

Beta Testing Details

Storage Manager

The new Storage Manager app provides a clean way to separate app data from the underlying operating system. Flexshares, web proxy cache, mail stores and other data intensive apps are mapped to /store on the file system. This /store could be a separate RAID partition, an external store, or an Amazon S3 store.

By default, the /store directory is used by the Storage Manager. If you are in a VM environment, you can attach another disk to your virtual machine and then mount it to /store. In future test versions, you will be able to do this via the ClearOS web-based administration tool. For now, we're the storage manager is only available with Amazon EC2 images.

Upstream Proxy

One of the features added to ClearOS 6.4.0 is support for upstream proxies. The initial testing for this feature requires some command line knowledge as well as direct access to the Internet (e.g. no proxy!). Once we are comfortable with the stability of the new feature, we will roll it into the release. In the ClearOS 6.4.0 Beta 2 release, you can see an Upstream Proxy step in the first boot wizard by running the following command before starting the wizard:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing install app-upstream-proxy

Antimalware File Scan

To install the Antimalware File Scan run:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing install app-file-scan


To install the RADIUS Server run:

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