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ClearOS 7.4.0 Final Release Information

Released: 3 November 2017

ClearFoundation and ClearCenter are proud to announce the full release of ClearOS 7.4.0 This is a minor release of ClearOS and focuses on important security updates as well as new applications in the ClearCenter Marketplace.

New Features Included in 7.4.0 Release and Since 7.3.0

  • Microsoft SQL Server app
  • Wordpress (Beta) app
  • PHP Engine app
  • LetsEncrypt (imminent)
  • Dynamic Firewall (imminent)
  • 2-Factor Authentication for Webconfig (imminent)

New Upstream Features and improvements Include

  • Backend SSSD improvements
  • OpenLDAP improvements such as LMDB improvements
  • Samba updates disable NTLMv1
  • Improved backend Clustering support
  • SSL/TLS certificate verification for HTTP client by default in Python
  • Improvements to Perl modules
  • NFS server now support limited copy-offload. Settings consolidated in nfs.conf.
  • Improvements to support of Intel PCH devices
  • RAID chunk size support in Anaconda
  • Anaconda now support IPoIB interfaces
  • Improvements to Anaconda Kickstart parameters
  • NVMe driver updated
  • Better random number generation support in kernel
  • Improved kernel support for switch and virtual switch processes
  • Framework for ‘usbguard’ to prevent access to unauthorized USB devices
  • Improvements to openssh and openssl
  • Improvements to libreswan
  • LVM support for RAID level takeover and reshaping which allows for conversion between RAID types and RAID parameters
  • Backend Certificate improvements

ClearOS 7 features a Community, Home, and Business version. All versions of ClearOS will install from the same install image. You will be required to select your version during the initial setup wizard on the first boot after ClearOS is installed.

Change Log


  • Samba 4 Directory (Still, very much in beta)
  • Localization

Roadmap Tracker and Open Bugs



ISO Images

64-bit Full1.0 GB b3530d0402a40da34a92c047abb7b2370429ae1b5d2de3c153ff351f75ae4b52
64-bit Net Install463 MB ce4c6240576a6c5de957e1e16b657a87f0e45e099c8ff2bcb95a398a4dff5409

Virtual Machine and Cloud Images

Virtual Machine and Cloud Images are not yet available for this release.

Platform Image Proceedure
Amazon EC2 clearos-7.2.0 - ami-8fb03898 Install and run updates to 7.4

Upgrade from Earlier ClearOS Community 6.x Releases

There is no supported method yet from upgrading from ClearOS 6 to ClearOS 7.

Make a copy of your configuration data. Backup your user data as well or retire your ClearOS 6 disk. ClearOS 7 now supports the import of your configuration data but not your user data.

Upgrade from Earlier ClearOS Community 7.x Releases

Upgrades from 7.1.0 on properly running systems will happen automatically. To manually upgrade from ClearOS 7.1.0 or to validate that you are at the latest version run:

yum update
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