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This app is now deprecated. If you install app-wireless-core from the command line with

yum install app-wireless-core

all the functionality below is available from Network|Settings|IP Settings

The wireless app allows you to turn a wireless card that has AP mode support into a wireless access point for your network. This can be made to use authentication with a pre-shared key that everyone knows or it can be made to work for specific users who use their own passwords who are members of your OpenLDAP directory.

Not all wireless cards are supported and not all cards support the AP mode. Run 'iw list' to see if your card supports AP mode.


This app is not currently available through the Marketplace. You can, however, install it from the command line:

yum install app-wireless

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Network|Settings|Wireless Access Point


The settings section allows you to configure how the Wireless Access Point parameters.


Once you have the settings the way you want them, start the service by hitting the 'Start' button on the right hand control.


This control allows you to choose between 'WPA Pre-shared Key' mode and 'WPA Infrastructure' mode. With pre-shared key mode, you will share the passphrase with those that you want to have access to the wireless device.

With WPA Infrastructure mode, the Passphrase field changes to 'RADIUS Shared Secret'. You will need to specify this secret or confirm it in the ClearOS RADIUS module for connections on (localhost).

Users of Infrastructure mode will use their own username and password to authenticate. They may need to configure their system to accept the certificates provided by ClearOS. This is simple on Mac and harder on Windows which typically requires that you manually configure the wireless settings.


This is the ID that will show as the network available when people search for wireless access points from their computer. Users will need to know this information as well in order to connect. You can use any UTF-8 characters for this field.

Passphrase / RADIUS Shared Secret

Depending on which mode you select, this will be the key used to authenticate users to the wireless or the wireless to the RADIUS server. You should only use ASCII characters for this field.

Wireless Interface

ClearOS will attempt to detect your wireless interface. You may select just one to use with your Access Point at this time. If your interface does not show up you will need to troubleshoot or seek technical assistance.


This is the wireless channel that you want to set your access point to use.

Remember you will also have to configure the wireless interface as normal in IP Settings and possibly DHCP Server

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