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The iLO app for ClearOS gives you management access to iLO systems over Redfish DMTF over HTTPS. It is ideal for small and medium businesses that need basic multi-box management of iLO using open tools. You can add as many iLO servers as you want to your configuration and it will give you a single place to gather insight into all your iLO servers. It is also especially useful in performing power restart routines. When coupled with Let's Encrypt, 2FA for Webconfig, and the Administrators app, you can easily implement higher levels of security without extra costs.


The main features are:

  • View the System, Fan, Power, Power Supply, Network, and Disk information and status of an iLO 5 server
  • Perform Power options such as Power Off, Restart, and Power On remotely
  • Add as many iLO 5 servers as you like
  • Program is Free and Open Source
  • Runs on ClearOS, downloadable from Marketplace
  • Works with other ClearOS apps to provide additional security layers to your iLO environment
  • Works with ClearAPI driver to display information in ClearGLASS


If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Server | Management | iLO


To set up your first server in the iLO management application for ClearOS, press the 'Add' button in the app.

iLO Servers Main View

After Clicking 'Add',

  • give your profile a name. It is best if you use dashes and underscores instead of spaces.
  • type an IP address or put in a hostname that your ClearOS server can resolve.
  • give a description for your server
  • type in the username with rights to access iLO.
  • put in your password for that username (NOTE: this password is store in plain text on this server. You will need to make sure that this server is in a secure environment.)

iLO Servers Server Information Blank

If you choose to edit your Server Information later, you can change everything except for the profile name.

iLO Servers Server Information Filled

Once your system is added, you can start to explore the information given by your iLO server over the Redfish DMTF protocol. Some of this information includes general 'Server Information'.

iLO Servers iLO View Server

You can view the wattage used by the power supply as reported by iLO.

iLO Servers iLO View Power

You can also see the Power Supplies and their status.

iLO Servers iLO View Power Supplies

You can also manipulate the power to the system using the iLO methods:

  • On - Turns the system on if it is off. Does nothing if the server is already on.
  • ForceOff - Turns the system off if it is on. Does nothing if the server is already off.
  • ForceRestart - Restarts the system if it is on.
  • Nmi - Triggers the Non-Maskable Interrupt function. If set up properly, can perform a kernel dump.
  • PushPowerButton - Does what pushing the power button would do if pressed. On running systems with ACPI it would power off the system nicely. If powered off, would power it on.

iLO Servers iLO View Power Options

Shows the RAW boot order as reported by the UEFI stack in the BIOS. (NOTE: some options may appear here that would not normally appear in the boot order under the typical BIOS. This list should match the output of 'efibootmgr' if executed in Linux.)

iLO Servers iLO View Boot Order

Shows fan structure for the system and their status.

iLO Servers iLO View Fans

Shows temperature sensors as reported by DMTF. (NOTE: it is possible for the DMTF to mismatch sensor numbers on certain systems between the iLO user interface and the DMTF engine. This report favors the DMTF as reported by the iLO Redfish DMTF stack.)

iLO Servers iLO View Temperature

Show the Ethernet Interfaces that are attached to the system and their status.

iLO Servers iLO View Ethernet Interfaces

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