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What is ClearOS?

ClearOS is a modular operating system that will run on dedicated hardware or in your virtual environment in your home, office, or datacenter as:

  • a finely tuned system with just a handful of specific apps and services, or
  • a gateway to protect your other computers from the outside internet while providing your users with a stable, fast web experience
  • a server where you store your files for secure access inside and outside your network
  • a network platform to facilitate core network services to provide ease of management of your network
  • a cloud platform which allows you to both integrate with cloud services or to become your OWN cloud services provider for your workstations
  • a versatile all-in-one solution that does everything above, or
  • something completely in between!

ClearOS is modular and allows for both consolidation and synergy of services. For example, a 20-person office using ClearOS as a dedicated VPN gateway and other gateway services can be more lightweight, use less energy, become easier to manage than compared to an office deployment of multiple pieces of hardware and software to provide VPN, Intrusion Detection, Content Filtering, Protocol Filtering and Antivirus. In this scenario, we are able to share the usernames and passwords among these various systems which provides ease of management and ease of use for users. They won't have to remember different usernames or passwords for both the VPN and the Content filter, for example. And when they change their password, it affects all services.

ClearOS further extends this ease of use by working well with other ClearOS servers in this way and by also working with other third party directories and services in a similar fashion.

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