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Port Forwarding

The Port Forwarding feature is required if you plan to have publicly available servers running on your local network. For example, you may need use the port forward tool to send voice traffic to a PBX (phone system) running on your local network.


If you installed your system as a gateway, this feature was included in the default installation. If you installed your system as a standalone server, you can still install the module at any

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Network|Firewall|Port Forwarding


If you run servers behind your ClearOS gateway, you can use the Port Forwarding page to forward ports to a system on your local network. In the example below, two port forwarding rules are configured:

  • A web server (port 80) is running on the LAN at
  • SSH (port 22) is also running on Since port 22 is already used on the gateway, we specify an alternate port (2222). We then configure our SSH client to use port 2222 to connect directly to from the Internet.


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