The ClearFoundation recently announced the new ClearOS Build System, which is patterned after many elements of the Fedora and Red Hat's Koji build system, with a fun twist. The new Build System intelligently allows both Free and Paid / Open and Closed application/service developers to confidently work together on one Build System. The ClearFoundation will continue to select and invite developers to develop on this new ClearOS Build System. Once developers have proven to be trusted and proficient at building and supporting ClearOS Community Apps, ClearCenter has commited to continue to help developers productize and monetize both Free and Paid Apps for ClearOS using the combination of GitHub and BitBucket repositories via this new ClearOS Build System.

To see the new ClearOS Build System click here.

To learn more about how to get started developing click here.




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Recently a wise researcher and writer Steven Vauhan-Nicolas published this insightful article. He states,"In 2015, Microsoft embraced Linux, Apple open-sourced its newest, hottest programming language, and the cloud couldn't run without Linux and open-source software. So, why can't people accept that Linux and open source have won the software wars?" And, "I'll make this simple for you. Open-source programmers, you've won. Relax already. Proprietary software developers, get your GitHub account now, your world is coming to a close." And we here at ClearCenter could not agree more (clapping and cheering...).  

In 2016 ClearCenter will encurage many to learn how to develop on ClearOS via GitHub

*Image provided by Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure's CTO during the Linux and Open-Source Software World Q4 2015.



Published in ClearCenter Blog