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ClearOS 7 Subscriptions | What's Changing?

ClearOS 7 | Now Offered in 3 Editions:

With the upcoming release of ClearOS 7, there is a lot of market excitement for some of the recently announced features. We're grateful to you, our customers, and want to say thank you for choosing ClearOS.

Coinciding with the availability of ClearOS 7, we'd like to inform you of some pricing and product changes that will take effect. There is a rising demand for ClearCenter to provide robust security threat protection, rapid & reliable ClearCARE technical support expertise, and time spent building, maintaining and integrating more applications than ever before. With this in mind we'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the updated pricing below. We understand that continuing to add value is the key to your continued benefit of ClearOS, and we've not been sitting idly by. Check out some of the new & exciting things coming to ClearOS 7:

New to ClearOS 7:

  • Samba 4, Directory (Microsoft® Active Directory Replacement)
  • New Google® Apps Connector
  • Updated Microsoft® Active Directory Connector (Included with Business Edition for up to 50 users)
  • IPv6 Ready
  • Streamlined Theme System
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Updated Antispam and Antivirus Engines
  • Updated IDS and IPS Engines
  • Event and Alert Notification Framework
  • Internationalization
  • XFS and BTRFS Filesystem Support
  • Improved VM Support, including Microsoft Hyper-V

Price Change Overview:


  • ClearOS 6 Professional, Lite Subscription → ClearOS 7 Business, Bronze Subscription ($108/yr)
  • ClearOS 6 Professional, Basic Subscription → ClearOS 7 Business, Silver Subscription ($388/yr)
  • ClearOS 6 Professional, Standard Subscription → ClearOS 7 Business, Gold Subscription ($588/yr)
  • ClearOS 6 Professional, Premium Subscription → ClearOS 7 Business, Platinum Subscription (Contact Sales for Pricing)


  • Zarafa Community ($50/yr)
  • WPAD ($50/yr)
  • Roundcube Webmail ($25/yr)
  • Static IPsec VPN ($25/yr)
  • SMART Monitor ($25/yr)
  • Master / Slave Sync ($175/yr Community Edition) (Included on Business Edition)
  • Remote Configuration Backup ($10/yr) (Included on Business Edition)

How does this apply to the three software editions for ClearOS 7?

ClearOS 7 Community Edition continues to provide a free edition designed for those Linux Experts who don't mind getting under the hood to self-support and who participate in beta code testing. These users (like legacy Community releases) participate in bug fix testing and community feedback loops to help push forward future versions of ClearOS. With the release of ClearOS 7, the Community Edition will now have access to ALL ClearOS Marketplace apps, however free and paid apps alike will NOT include any professional support, and fall to the Community Forums for technical assistance. For those production users who may consider choosing ClearOS 7 Community for it's free price tag, but anticipate adding a paid app(s), you may want to consider ClearOS 7 Business Edition first, as many of those apps are included on the Business Edition and can quickly save you a lot of money!

ClearOS 7 Home Edition is new to the ClearOS family and provides a valuable solution that includes all the necessary functions and value added services for deploying and maintaining a secure and stable home network. The Home Edition subscriptions include features historically out of reach for home budgets.

ClearOS 7 Business Edition (designed for production environments) becomes the new flagship edition of ClearOS, providing maximum protection, reliability and assurance for Small Business Server users. This edition includes many paid apps available in the ClearOS Marketplace, which (when compared with al a carte pricing) means huge savings by choosing a Business subscription. ClearOS 7 Business subscription licenses are also offered in multi-year terms, which compound discounts, bringing total cost of ownership to comparable prices to version 6 subscriptions.

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In conjunction with MarineVSAT (a ClearCenter Authorized Partner), we've developed technology for tracking vessels and maintaining Multi-WAN connectivity over satellite.

ClearBOX offers the ability to manage maritime networks with direct integration to idirect systems. Reliable network connectivity and satellite beam switching are now possible, and easily managed through the ClearOS interface (on ClearBOX).

This provides fleet managers with the location of the vessels, and ensures maximum throughput on VSAT connectivity as the vessel changes its position. At sea, satellite internet can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month; while only providing .5 to 1.5Mbps speeds. Divide that bandwidth by dozens of crew members and you can see why bandwidth control is critical. These maritime centric ClearBOXs from MarineVSAT come equipped with everything needed to secure the vessel and provide needed IT systems. They also provide bandwidth management and Multi-WAN technologies needed to capitalize on the connection maintained by the Beam-Tracking app.

The Vantage Fleet (Ad-Vantage vessel shown) is the latest to utilize this technology; simplifying how their onboard systems and technology are used and managed. For more info on Vantage Yachts check them out here.

To order your Maritime Solution contact MarineVSAT today.
To order your ClearBOX Hybrid Smart Appliances, click here.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 21:35

ClearOS named #1 Server Distribution

ClearOS was recently named by Linux Voice the #1 server distribution for it's variety of server functions. ClearOS offers 100+ IT functions all easily installable through ClearOS Marketplace. ClearOS is dedicated to delivering a stable, scalable, and affordable solution for the Server, Network, Gateway and many Cloud Integrated technologies. Linux Voice said it best when they said:
"The "Clear" advantage: One of the biggest advantages of ClearOS is its larger repository of supported server software. During installation, you’ll be asked to select whether your ClearOS installation will be used inside a protected network (like an office), in a publicly accessible network (like a hotspot or a data center) or as a Gateway server. Also, unlike Zentyal, ClearOS requires you to create an account and register your installation with ClearOS HQ before you can access its server apps and services. ClearOS supports over 82 free services for various roles including a network server, a gateway server, a cloud server and more. In addition to common servers such as a directory server, database server, mail server, web server, FTP server, content filter and more, you can use the installation as a seedbox and a Plex Media Server. There are also several system and network management tools for creating backups, managing bandwidth, RAIDs, access control lists and more. New admins who aren’t sure of the components they should install can use the Feature Wizard, which helps pick services depending on the type of server they wish to roll out." says Linux Voice.

ClearOS 7 is also now offered in Community, Home, and Business editions. This latest version of ClearOS adds even more functionality with new apps appearing in the ClearOS Marketplace, broadening it's abilities.
More info on ClearOS 7 can be found here.

Our Verdict
To read the entire article, check out Linux Voice Issue 18 (page 58-63).
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