Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 14:38

ClearOS 2014 In Review

2014 was a solid year for the folks behind ClearOS, most of the heavy lifting was done behind the curtins. To see more about what was completed in 2014 click here

As 2014 draws to an end CloudExpert layed out it's top 5 predictions for the Sync, Share and Collaboration Market for 2015. And ClearCenter agrees with most of them. 

1. Enterprises will look to adopt hybrid cloud services that aggregated on-premise and cloud services:
Enterprises, and most companies, use a myriad of on-premise and on-cloud services. Almost all of these services now store data either in the form of attachments or direct use of storage. Companies will embrace solutions that work with what they have.
2015 Enterprise File Share and Sync predictions

2. Solutions that can be deployed on premise as well as in a range of clouds will be attractive to strategically thinking companies.
Not everything will end up on Cloud and for bigger companies they will act as their own service providers so companies want the the choice of private, hybrid or public implementations.
Research by the Enterprise Strategy Group pinpointed 97% of the organizations that use public cloud-based File Share and Sync had an interest in storing some of their file data using their on-premises storage.

3. Security and control will be top of IT's agenda amidst the well publicised Sony Hack
The Sony hack was the enterprise's Snowden moment, when all those doubts and thoughts about their own security policies around files bubbled to the surface. This has resulted in data security and control becoming even more of a concern for IT departments who are tasked with protecting corporate data.

4. Remotely stored data will have an encryption first policy:
Enterprises will force an encryption first policy for sync and share data to mitigate disaster for data breaches of service infrastructures outside of their control.

5. Vendors will continue to be acquired or die as the drive to zero pricing affects all:
There is no doubt the Enterprise File Share and Sync space is crowded with backup vendors, gateway vendors, collaboration vendors and content vendors all looking to add some form of sync and share to their features set. Coupled with this the price war that has raged throughout 2014 between Google, Amazon and Microsoft is likely to continue driving some vendors out of business and causing others to look at acquisition as an early exit.

By Jim Liddle


ClearCenter welcomes Netsindo Sentra as the Regional Hybrid Service Provider for the Indonesia Region. “Netsindo brings the kind of resources, commitment and expertise ClearCenter desires for the Indonesia Region”, said Michael Proper, CEO of ClearCenter. "Andi Micro and Netsindo has proven his commitment to drive the awareness and adoption of ClearCenters Products for more then 3+ years now." He added, “The ClearCenter Partner program allows partners like Netsindo to build a valuable business with ClearCenter's IT Products for the Server, Network and Gateway IT Layers. We look forward to working with Andi Micro and the Netsindo team to bring ClearCenter Products to the Indonesia Region.” Netsindo has provided high quality IT solutions and IT Training and IT Certification. Andi Micro added "Kami telah melakukan implementasi ClearOS dan ClearBOX sejak 2010 sampai sekarang, mulai dari server sekolah, kantor, UKM, sampai ke data center perusahaan dan lembaga negara di Indonesia. Kepuasan client adalah hal yang utama bagi kami dan ClearOS memberikan kemudahan pengelolaan dan konfigurasi dengan tetap menjamin kestabilan, keamanan, dan kehandalan sistem dengan sangat baik."Netsindo will inventory ClearBOX servers as well as recruit and train partners. Netsindo will also translate the ClearOS into Indonesian, and assist in marketing ClearCenter and ClearFoundation in the Indonesia Region. For more information about Netsindo Sentra, visit or call (0511) 6385-835

About ClearCenter ClearCenter, based in New Zealand, United States. and Toronto, Ontario - Canada, provides professional products and services for ClearOS, an open source Linux server distribution with Network, Gateway and Server features that can be tailored to the needs of small IT environments that is simple, secure & affordable. ClearOS is installed in more than 150 countries in over 24 languages. ClearCenter updates software, content and services for ClearOS using ClearSDN, a cloud based Service Delivery Network deployed in data centers around the globe. For more information about ClearCenter, visit or call 1+801.851.5555.




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