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  • Nick said: "Does "plexserver" resolve to Try pinging it."

    Using Terminal in Mac, no it doesn't resolve but says "unknown host".

    Pinging the IP address does get a response:

    I can add an entry to the hosts file on my iMac to get a resolution of 'plexserver'.

    But I still can't get smb access to the replacement server. Even using the IP address, Finder won't connect via and eventually returns a pop up message box saying . I am the system administrator, and have no idea how to fix this.

    I've looked at the file and couldn't see anything amiss, and also in .

    I changed 'browseable = No' to 'browseable = Yes' in a couple of places and restarted the smb service but it hasn't made any difference. There were no error messages after restarting smb and nmb servers.

    One error message after the start, which I don't understand and can't see how to fix, when I run :

    "Can't open username map /etc/samba/smbusers. Error No such file or directory"

    What does that mean, and does it matter?

    It isn't desperately important, but it is helpful to have smb access to upload new media files. I can do it via FTP, but it isn't so convenient.

    Where else might I look?