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  • That however, doesn't stack with the concept of grandfather/father/son - that methodology is to delete grandfather and replaces it with father, and father with son. The new archive becomes the new 'son'. What you're describing is incremental backups and relies on the (eg) son being in place for (eg) a week and the incrementals being created on top of that, and then restarted when the changeover (son->father) occurs. I've not bothered with that (too much work!) and just a) left the daily backups being the gf/f/s cycle, with the option of extending that to 7 days.

    I can quite see that your option could be implemented for home/flexsaves, but configuration not so much (not worth it). I was just creating something of (basically) minimal change, but with the ability to have some form of protection from the single backup corruption - which is the danger as it stands. The update incidentally, won't affect existing installations as the backup that's in place when the update is put in place just becomes the 'father' when the next backup runs.