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  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    Good catch with the loop.

    I am lost with the other. Where are the Roku emulator and Harmony Hub (IP's and interfaces)? Have you thought of some packet sniffing with tcpdump?

    I agree a little confusing let me try again. For the interface that one is easy, it is all happening on the same my HotLAN: ens224.

    The Roku Emulator is the ClearOS Server it run on IP: port 8060 can be accessed with or without the firewall enable via the browser:

    The Harmony Hub sits on IP:

    The Harmony Hub can be asked to discover all appliances and with the help of UPNP it seems to find all the appliances T:V, Receiver etc including the above Emulated Roku 4 on Server when the firewall is disabled. If the firewall is enable all the appliances are found except for the Emulated Roku.

    Never used tcpdump, if I can not find the above issue might be a good solution, thanks for the suggestion