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  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    OK. "Windows Domain Logons" was renamed to "Force SMB1 Protocol". You have it enabled so you have to force SMB1 in the mount.cifs command but we can see virtually no good reason to have "Force SMB1 Protocol" enabled any more, but were too scared to remove it when we renamed it in case there was an edge case which was important. I suggest you remove it at which point it will disappear from the webconfig. It can be added back at the command line if necessary.


    Nick Howitt wrote:If you have a space in your file path, try quoting the full path:or try everything:Another reference I bumped into said to change the " " to "\040"

    I have tried all sorts of different combinations of options but no luck so far. I have to take a break today.

    I've tried all the vers options and only vers=2.0 seems to do anything better. Together with sec=ntmlv2 I get So I think I've made some progress. :-(

    Oh frig. When I turned the nas log to debug, it said

    I reset the password when I started this challenge because I couldn't remember the original password. Apparently the change didn't work because when I removed the password (ie. blank) it connected. Put back the original password and all is OK.

    Now I'll try the automount.

    @Nick, thanks for your patience on this. How incredibly stupid on my side. I should have tried to reset the password a few iterations earlier.