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  • Thanks Tony,

    I have left that system set up and will follow your advice on some of those utilities as a learning tool. Thanks for the help...I don't mean to sound helpless, I just usually need a push in the right direction from a software tools standpoint. I'm a hardware guy (EE).

    The board I ended up using for the server was a used ASRiok IMB-181 I had around. This is a commercial imbedded application board based on socket LG1150 and Q87 chipset. Dual intel LAN, old fashioned VGA port plus HDMI, and a pile of serial ports. So pretty optimal for this. I put a reclaimed Xeon in it. No issues at all so far.


    Tony Ellis wrote:

    Drew, would have thought the output of "lsmod" would have provided a clue...
    Using it on the systems here shows a mixture of nouveau, i915 and radeon
    Incidentally, what board are you now using for the server - if you don't mind me asking...

    Edit: There are some nice utilities around to provide this and more information if you take the time to install the required utilities.. e.g. HW Probe
    An example of one of the systems here Linux Workstation - shows an i915 under devices...