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  • Weird eMail Regarding Infected Files

    Good day!

    I received an email from my ClearOS box at about 1047 hours this date that stated:

    The following infected files were found:

    Start Date: 2022:01:05 10:47: 2
    End Date: 2022:01:05 10:56: 8

    No mention of what files, their location, just a number at the end after the colon.

    Since this box is not being used for user or data storage, this is quite concerning. I went through both antivirus logs and just noticed updates to the database at about 0300 this morning. No log entry on a scan with infected files being found. I went through all the logs generated and could find nothing other than the system email being generated.

    The only thing known is that there was an apparent system update this AM.

    Can anyone shed some light on this and where I might look for what files are allegedly infected?