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      Posted on Friday, 11 September 2015

    On our network, a system running ClearOS Community Release 6.5.0 is configured as the gateway. The two internet connections are plugged into two diff n/w cards on this box, and there is a third network card which is connected to the LAN. We have around 25 or so systems on our network that are connected to the internet. The proxy server is configured as non-transparent. The issue we are facing is that after a period of activity, the connection becomes real slow.. At this time, if the proxy (squid) and content filter (dansguardian-av) services are restarted, the connection gets back to normal speed. As per docs, the community edition is scalable upto 10 users. Just need advice on whether upgrading to Professional edition shall help resolve this issue? I have already requested and received an evaluation KEY for the ClearOS professional version. Can you let me know if I can somehow upgrade the existing community edition to professional using the Evaluation key? Rather than downloading the ISO and setting up afresh ?