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  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    I have successfully moved a disk between servers. It is how I did my 7.x installation, but note that all your network interfaces may (will) change so check the files you will need to review in the Config Backup docs. The other thing is the two servers will have to boot the same way, either UEFI or BIOS.

    Note, if doing a disk recovery, best practice says always do it on a clone of the disk and never on the disk itself
    Thanks Nick.
    I have reinstalled on the new drive and restored all the settings via "Configuration Backup and Restore". It was mostly OK. There were issues with the Let's Encrypt certificates, flexshare, fail2ban, mounting our nas and virtual websites. I think those are fixed now.

    I have two outstanding issues.
    The reinstall seems to buggered up the certificate for the webconsole. It is now a localhost.localdomain. It should be using my server Let's Encrypt certificate. I can't figure out where to change this. It doesn't appear to be in the HowTo unless I missed it.

    Second is not unexpected but frustrating ... Even after I told everyone to download their email, one family member didn't. So the second questions, is what would you use as search terms to figure out how to rescue the left over mail that are on the old server disk?