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  • Dudley Ali wrote:

    Philippe Eveleigh wrote:

    I could be wrong about this but I do not think you can. I believe there is no connection on cable, you join the Ethernet Network of your ISP.

    If you had a PPP (ADSL, VDSL) you would have a better chance at doing this since you actually login for that protocol, you would still need to contact your ISP to see if they allow you to connect more than once. Note this does not provide more bandwidth since that is a feature of the line not the connection.

    Thank you I will give it a look

    Hello Dudley,

    My answer at the time might not be correct. I have learned over time that some ISP's may allow more than one connection by monitoring the MAC addresses used; anyways for ISP’s here in Canada. If you are allowed more than one connection and notice that you are denied your allocated number. You may be required to contact your ISP to clear the MAC addresses that are not in use anymore.