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  • Hi Nick, thanks for your help on this. I've managed to finally nail down the issue.

    ClearOS and miniupnp are working fine, turns out that there was an issue with the firmware in the network box. It allowed incoming connections when clearos was put in DMZ (Initial testing for external web access) but when put into bridge mode it seemed to go into lockdown and block all incoming.

    Once I'd updated the firmware on the mobile box I could then get NAT to be open, but still having issues with one of the game servers which I now suspect is IP blocked by the mobile operator. Not sure how to go about that as I'd need to find out the IP involved and I don't really know how to pull these details.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Google reports the same IP as the bridge assigns. I managed to bring up the clearOS web interface over the internet when I first set it up, and then I quickly turned that access off :)

  • Hi Nick, is a 4G box set in bridge mode. (Phone line adsl is 3Mbps, 4G is 50+Mbps so you can see why I use it) is the ClearOS box is the xbox one is from the internet connection (In ifconfig it actually shows as

    WAN = enp2s0
    LAN = enp3s0

    On the LAN side is a wireless access point that issues DHCP on the network and those devices access the internet fine. I'd just like to get the xbox with an open nat, which should happen with miniupnpd?

  • miniupnpd & xbox one & ClearOS 7.5 - Unable to get open nat

    I've installed ClearOS 7.5 and the miniupnpd app. I've spent a while trying to get open nat (showing moderate on xbox) but unfortunately have failed and cannot think of what else to try :(
    Content filter, web proxy and nearly every other app stopped, still no joy :( Some games will work fine with moderate nat but some won't work.

    There's going to be more than 1 xbox one on the network which is why I'm trying to get upnp working. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.

    Here's some details on the setup.

    ifconfig | egrep "^(e|p)" -A 1

    route -n

    iptables -L MINIUPNPD -n -v

    iptables -L MINIUPNPD -n -v


    Some miniupnp debug data