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  • David Adam's recommendation is for backup up desktops to the server.

    I think you're looking for backing up the server itself. In this case, if you don't like any of the solutions in the Marketplace (eg. Remote Backup, Bare Metal Backup etc.), know that you are not confined to what ClearOS has in the Marketplace.

    Being binary compatible with CentOS/RHEL has it's advantages...huge advantages. Any software (and howto) you can find is almost certainly translatable to ClearOS - as long as the software can be run in 'headless' mode.

    One great example in the backup space I've used with success is SpiderOAK One, especially with their 'LAN Sync' feature.

    Could be just what you're looking for. Runs headless just fine, and you can use the SpiderOAK One client for any PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) to configure, backup, restore (one or all) from any device you have.

    Though I sound like it, I am not affiliated with SpiderOAK.

    There are a tonne of options for backup in the CentOS/Linux world...from something as simple as rsync and bash scripting to AFFA and on up to the Enterprise level, like Bacula.


  • Fred,
    Thanks for the help.
    As it turns out, I didn't get a chance to look at this for a while, and as it was a new server install, I had no reason to keep it, so I just reinstalled from scratch and everything works fine now.
    I've no idea what the problem was, I tried your suggestions, but no joy, so it was probably something stupid I did.

  • Youngone,
    It looks like your serviio installation is broken. Not sure what it could be, but it is the Derby part that have problem with the database file in /usr/share/serviio/library/db/ . Possible it is a problem with access rights.

    Have you changed ownership or access restrictions of folders/files on your system? All folders/files under /usr/share/serviio should have "serviio" as owner.
    Have you deleted any files under /usr/share/serviio/... ?

    If "serviio" is not the owner of all folders and files under /usr/share/serviio then you could try this from the command prompt:

    If that does not help, try to uninstall serviio and install again: Note that while you erase "serviio" you must install using "app-serviio" to get all packages back.

    If this does not help, then I would suspect that something is bad with the Java installation.


  • Hi Fredrik, thanks for your work on this.
    I have a fresh install of ClearOS 7.2, standalone server no firewall.
    When I click on Serviio start, it begins to start, then goes back to a stopped state.
    From the log:

    I have a pfSense firewall as the gateway, but I'm pretty sure I've set that up right.
    Any help would be great.

  • Alistair Young
    Alistair Young replied to a discussion, Only restart on Dashboard

    The Dashboard doesn't really work properly.
    If you change the layout to 1 column per row, it works a bit better.

  • Wow, how exciting. This couldn't have come at a better time for me.
    Getting my copy now. Thanks for everyone's hard work on this.:D

  • Hi Philip,

    The 30-day countdown support, is that the same as the 30-day window to upgrade?

    I think you're mis-understanding the 'feature'.

    There is, and will always be a free (as in beer) Community's critical to ClearCenter's business model.

    The 30 day window will put all users of Community Edition (post install) on the verified repositories that have traditionally been reserved for Professional Edition (eg. paid users).

    It allows us to help upgrade anyone who selects Community Edition from the outset, then changes their mind during the first 30 days and wants a supported platform or benefit from the included apps or services. If no upgrade (eg. no action) is performed in the 30 day window, all that happens is that you will no longer be on the verified repositories, and will switch (automatically) to the repositories that the Community has always been getting package updates first and acting as the QC group that will help us prevent any updates that go awry from reaching ClearCenter's paid customers.

    Nothing has changed in that respect.

    Make sense?