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Hi All,

Very new to this... (Leaning by doing)

As a little pet project I've set up ClearOS on my home-server ...

After fighting with a few things its now working the way i want to do.. (Much Joy, Many Happiness).

Anyway, Now I've moved onto setting up a mail server on it..

So far I've picked up a domain, migrated it to NOIP and I've installed the DUC and that's all working fine.

From here i was hoping to find a guide (as detailed as possible) on where to go from here.. Google isn't really supplying much by way of results.

I have found a few videos but they're very much on how to install it... no so much how to configure it both locally and on the noip side.

I have found this ( but honestly.. i could use a bit more of an explanation.

Tuesday, January 24 2023, 07:56 AM
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