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Hi Nick Howitt & Other Community members,

Is there any way, Can I use the Internet proxy through WiFi.
We have static IP and ClearOS is Gateway mode.
Previously we are connected only in LAN.

Thursday, June 11 2020, 01:19 PM
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Accepted Answer

Thursday, June 11 2020, 02:29 PM - #Permalink
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If the WiFi is connected to the LAN, on the same subnet or to a different NIC then it will work automatically. If it is connected to the ClearOS WAN then no, you can't.

The recommended way of connecting WiFi, wither with a WAP or router as a WAP is to disable DHCP in the WAP and give its LAN a static IP on the ClearOS LAN. The connect the ClearOS LAN to the WAP LAN and ignore the WAP/router WAN, if there is one. You can use the same LAN interface as your ClearOS LAN or you could use a separate LAN NIC. That would allow you to configure the WiFi LAN as a HotLAN isolating it from the wired LAN.
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