Daniele Me
Daniele Me
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Hello people,

i'm trying to set up a proxy and content filter.

I set up users, groups, start the service.

When i set the proxy on the browser, looks like it can't be reached beacuse i get a proxy error response.

I've tried to open the incoming firewall port 8080 but nothing changed.

Any suggestions?

Ip setup is:

Interface Role Type IP Address Action
eth0 External No IP
eth1 LAN Static

What i'm doing wrong?
Wednesday, February 05 2020, 04:08 PM
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    Wednesday, February 05 2020, 05:03 PM - #Permalink
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    You can't have the WAN and LAN interface on the same subnets. If it is a standalone server on your LAN, it should only have an external interface. If it is a gateway the LAN and WAN should be different and ClearOS should be between your router and your LAN or replace your router. If ClearOS is in standalone mode you will have to block direct access to your router from your LAN or they can bypass the proxy. Also the proxy bypass function in ClearOS won't work and will need to be done at your firewall.
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