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Good morning everyone!
I'm in need of help, I installed the ClearOs Community, created users, groups and shared folders with groups and users of the group, I'm just stumbling over the trash, created the trash folder and directed all my folders to it: So recycle: repository = / var / flexshare / shares / trash /% U.
It was working, but every time I reboot the server the path to recycle: repository goes back to recycle: repository = .trash /% U.
I don't know if there is this Trash folder already created in flexshare, but I don't think so and I can't leave it in the folder I created.
How do I solve this please?
Tuesday, December 01 2020, 12:52 PM
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    Wednesday, December 02 2020, 05:17 PM - #Permalink
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    You set up the Trash folder through the Flexshare webconfig. The option becoms available when you edit the Windows File Share. Don't fight its location as the flexshare definition gets reset every time you change any flexshare or Web Site and, possibly, any time the app gets updated.

    It is always worth checking the documentation (the slanted book icon at the top right of any webconfig page). ;)
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