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I recently reinstalled my ClearOS server, as for some reason it crashed after a power outage.

All is good so far, except for a couple of settings, that I can't remember how I set them and my setup won't work as it used to. I have attached a schematic of my setup, it basically goes like this. Still need to get the webpage up again, and the email server running, but first things first, need to be able to access internet websites.

ISP router to Clear OS sever, server has 3 NICs, one goes to ISP router, one I use for my Pi-Hole, the third is my LAN.

When setting up the network configuration I use the Pi-Hole IP address for DNS, which is how it used to be. But it is not resolving, and when I try to ping, from my LAN, to the PI-Hole I can't connect. I am unable to SSH either. I remember I had set this up using the custom firewall, allowing certtain connections between NICs, but I have been unable to make it work again.

Do i need to bridge the two NICs, how can I get my LAN, and ClearOS Server to connect to the Pi-Hole ?

I did manage to access it for the Pi-hole dahsboard, using port 81, or 80, which I set up using the custom firewall, but I have tried port 53, 22 etc. and I can't access it. Funny enough resolves on its own, how it does this I have no idea, as my Pi-hole DNS is pointed away from google, using cloudflare. An no other internet pages work.


Friday, July 23 2021, 02:55 AM
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    Friday, July 23 2021, 09:07 PM - #Permalink
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    It should work if you are using /24 subnets on your LAN NIC's and if your router is just being used as a switch (WAN port disconnected) and DHCP disabled.

    Cloudflare is fine for PiHole.

    You will find it hard to get a router with more ports. Just use a switch - either 5 port, 8 port or more. They are much cheaper than routers. You can still use your router for more ports and WiFi.
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    Friday, July 23 2021, 05:00 PM - #Permalink
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    Hello Nick,

    To be honest I don´t remember how I made it work, but I did manage to allow for communication between both LANs. I did attach the diagram now.

    I know it is much easier having it in the same LAN, but I am using this setup as the router has no more LAN ports and I do not like wifi for the pihole, nor for my PCs when I can manage without it.

    The DNS resolver I use for the Pi Hole is cloudflare, I assume this counts as not having the ClearOS DNS screen as the upstream resolver.

    I will try setting up a custom rule, but I think I should just get a new router with more Lan ports and get this solved the easy way.

    I do have a static IP for the PiHole, but for some reason I can ony access part of the ports I should, I did not change anything on the RaspberryPi so it should all be accessible.

    Will keep trying.

    Thanks Nick
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    Friday, July 23 2021, 07:44 AM - #Permalink
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    No diagram attached.

    I don't understand how you may have set this up with custom firewall rules. The way I would have set it up with just 2 NICs is to put PiHole on the LAN with a static IP. Then in ClearOS you have a couple of choices:
    1 - In the ClearOS DHCP server settings put the DNS as PiHole. You could also do a custom redirect rule on the INPUT chain redirecting TCP:53 and UDP:53 to PiHole
    2 - In the IP Settings screen set a manual DNS of PiHole. If you do this, PiHole must not use ClearOS as its upstream resolver. It must go directly to the internet.

    I'd possibly prefer 2 as you can still then use the ClearOS DNS screen to set local names.

    This setup would work as well with 3 NICs with the third one being set as a LAN NIC as well. The two LAN NICs have to be on different subnets and PiHole muse be configured with a static IP on its subnet.
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