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I built a ClearOS7 and clicked the 'encrypted file system' option during the install. Don't worry I still have the pass phrase.
The problem is the disk filled up and will no longer boot. It lets me type in the pass phrase, it does the loading screen with the overlapping progress bars and conks out half way through.

I think the data will be OK but the OS can't run. I've tried rescue mode using a ClearOS7 ISO but that locks up on the menu where you get to mount the volume. Do you think the volume is unmountable or am I just not doing it right?

I've currently got it hooked up to a CentOS7 machine as a 2nd drive but no joy.

Please help.
Tuesday, February 22 2022, 02:57 PM
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    Saturday, September 17 2022, 04:10 PM - #Permalink
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    The solution to this was easier than I expected. The file system is accessible from Linux Mint!

    I just booted Linux Mint and clicked on the Computer desktop icon and clicked on the ClearOS drive to mount it. It needed the key which I typed in and then I had access to all the drive. Easy as that. I then copied off the directories I needed.
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