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I have Clear OS 7.2 Community with kernel 3.10.0-327.10.1.v7.x86_64. I have just installed ClearOS and LDAP was working just fine. A reboot later LDAP failed to start and checking the status of the service it can't find /etc/openldap/slapd.d. I have tried the troubleshooting steps of other posts to no avail. I have spent all day reinstalling ClearOS 7.2 over and over with the same results, one reboot and LDAP is dead. The service is marked as active but then it says what I said above and that "Usage of configuration file is obsolete!".

Also as shown in the title I have a question about flexshares, why doesn't it let you make the first letter as a capital letter (i.e. Documents becomes documents)? Modifying the flexshare.conf file I can make the first letter capital.

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Wednesday, March 23 2016, 06:58 PM
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