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I'm testing ClearOS for (possible) deployment. I have 2 test environments:
1. Bare metal with ClearOS DVD. The installation, registration, and test use was successful.

2. OpenVZ container with CentOS-7 (minimal) installed. I used the the bash script from:

For "installing the most recent stable ClearOS 7 release"

The script seemed to run without any errors. The initial login screen came up (https://<ip-address>:81), however when I used the root login creds I get a login error. I used SSH access to set/reset the root password, but I can't log in.
I tried:
* I checked/compared the services started between the (successful) bare-metal install and the container install. Both installs have the same services running. The exception being the "suva" daemon on the registered install.
* I check the log files on the container. I couldn't find any errors. (checked secure, messages, webconfig) Maybe I'm missing an error somewhere?

Any hints about where I should look next?
Thursday, January 25 2018, 04:01 PM
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