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What I have:
ClearOS 7 running as gateway on multihomed HP desktop. External IP
LAN1 =
LAN2 =

LAN1 has several Windows 11 computers connected to Netgear switch

What I want:
To be able to offer files stored on external USB hard drives connected to one of the Windows 11 computers on LAN1
AND to be able to select and retreive files stored on an external USB drive attached to a distant computer - outside of LAN... outside of local network.

Simply put, I want FTPS to operate through gateway.

I have WinSCP, IIS, PuTTy...

How to allow WinSCP to pass FTPS through gateway?

If not possible, do external drives have to be mounted onto gateway for Flexshare to work? If yes, please step-by-step. If no, please explain in depth.
Wednesday, February 22 2023, 11:01 PM
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    Sunday, February 26 2023, 07:11 AM - #Permalink
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    Wondering why you haven't received any replies?

    The answer is simple. ClearOS stopped providing software updates last year. Subsequently ClearOS has become susceptible to attacks and a decided security risk. Most of the knowledgeable former posters have therefore fled to greener pastures. ClearOS 7.x is now virtually abandoned and dead.
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