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Dear Forum,

I've locked myself out I think and I have no clue how and why. Can you please aid me a bit?

Logged in with root via ssh and created a new user with sudo privileges. Also installed vim, mc, htop.

I can't user the webconfig, I constantly get rejected. (I was logged in while creating the new user)

There is a button wich leads to: /app/user_profile but there all I can see is:
Ooooops: Accounts system driver has not been set.

Can you tell me why did this happen and how can I resolve the problem? I've already removed the newly created user, but no effect.

Also I have no chance to reboot the server at the moment.

Cheers in advance!

Best Regards:
Thursday, November 03 2016, 10:00 AM

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Thursday, November 03 2016, 02:47 PM - #Permalink
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The yum upgrade is not related, almost certain of that.

You don't tell us who you're trying to login to Webconfig as. Try using 'root' you have issue with that user?

If you want to login to Webconfig as a user, you'll need to create that user inside won't be able to use a user created with 'useradd' from CLI.

It sounds a bit like you're trying to create an administrator, non-root, for Webconfig. If so, the process is:

1. Login to Webconfig as root
2. Install administrators app from marketplace
3. Add user (which includes having to setup a directory method - choose OpenLDAP)
4. Create a group that will be used to hold the administrators
5. Add user to that group
6. Configure administrator with owner 'group' you created in 4.
7. Add access permissions to apps, as desired
8. Logout of Webconfig as 'root' and log back in as your 'user' created in 3.

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    Thursday, November 03 2016, 03:54 PM - #Permalink
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    Thank you Sir! You've solved all my problems. :o

    Anyhow I still don't get why was I locked out because installing vim, mc and htop.
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    Thursday, November 03 2016, 10:06 AM - #Permalink
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    Well, apparently undoing the yum process have brought me back the webconfig.

    17 | install vim mc htop wget | 2016-11-03 09:33 | Install | 6

    Why did these break the webconfig? Anyone?
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