Nicholas A
Nicholas A
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Does anyone have a step by step for someone not familiar with linux command prompt to enable flexshare execute/run permissions. Im setup in work group mode and my client machine have corresponding logins on the server under the custom users group i created. I see the options for read and wright but no way to enable run permissions to run software installs or updates directly from the shares themselves. I usually have to copy it to the local machine and then run it which is an unnecessary pain.

Thursday, March 29 2018, 05:25 PM
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    Thursday, March 29 2018, 08:40 PM - #Permalink
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    To be honest, for a few files WinSCP is your friend and it is free. You can right-click > properties on any file or folder. Flexshares are under /var/flexshare/shares.

    The linux command to change permissions is chmod. Google "man chmod" to get a lot of references. The following should do it for all .exe's:
    chmod ug+x /var/flexshare/shares/*.exe -R
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