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Hi everyone,
FFmpeg is now available for testing in ClearOS 7. NOTE: the packages are not in the final repos and will be moved around soon. You have been warned.

Install with:
yum install ffmpeg

If that does not work, the neccessary packages might not yet be in the right place... If so, try:
yum install ffmpeg --enablerepo=clearos-centos,clearos-epel

Compared to the FFmpeg version that is found in ClearOS 6 this version is MUCH MUCH improved and feature rich:

First of all, this is the 2.7.2 release with everything that goes with it (FFmpeg will have a 2.8 release in about 1 hour, so I have some catch up to do pretty soon...).
Read the FFmpeg changelog here: FFmpeg Changelog

Then, compared to ClearOS 6, the whole build have been reworked with a lot of new libs added and some obsolete ones deleted. Below you find some examples of new external libs added:
libass (used for subtitles)
gnutls (to enable https streaming etc)
x265 (to enable encoding of HEVC/h265)
vid.stab (this one is really cool, I will try to do a separate post: You use it to fix shaky videos)

Edit: Changed repos as the packages now should have moved a bit...
Sunday, September 06 2015, 03:16 PM
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