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About a week ago I migrated my ClearOS 7.x Home firewall from a physical to a virtual server using Proxmox. Everything runs great, performance is also exceptional having given the VM 6Gb of Ram and 2 CPU cores.

COS 7 VM is running on a 128Gb (/dev/sda) disk with a 1Tb (/dev/sdb) disk dedicated for ownCloud storage. I've used the Storage Manager app to bind "/dev/sdb1/owncloud/data" to "/var/clearos/owncloud/data". The bulk 130Gb of my ownCloud local files have uploaded to the server (my user acct has unlimited ownCloud storage)

This was working perfectly until a couple of days ago. local file changes made are not being uploaded to the ownCloud server. Server replied "403 Forbidden" to "PUT... and Server replied "403 Forbidden" to "MOVE... errors appearing in the local ownCloud client.

If I logon to the ownCloud server web interface and make any file changes there, these changes are being reflected on the local machine's ownCloud dir. I'm also no longer able to manually upload files to the ownCloud Web Interface either.

I can roll back the VM to a previous version however don't want to have to reconfigure some of the server settings. the 2nd 1Tb disk is NOT in the Proxmox backup job. That's been omitted on purpose.

The site forums have a few posts on this however I'd rather run this past the ClearOS forum.
Friday, January 08 2021, 07:48 AM
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    Monday, January 11 2021, 07:07 AM - #Permalink
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    thanks for the reply. Not sure what I'd do without you.

    ls -al /mnt/cloudstore/owncloud/data/username/files
    shows the same as
    ls -al /var/clearos/owncloud/data/username/files

    i touched a new file in /mnt/cloudstore/owncloud/data/username/files and it also appeared in /var/clearos/owncloud/data/username/files so the bind is correct

    the /mnt/cloudstore is a 1Tb 2nd HDD attached to the VM and mounted with /etc/fstab
    UUID=405df04f-88d8-446f-b22f-abcdfeghijklblah /mnt/cloudstorage xfs defaults 1 2

    I'll dig a little deeper into this on the ownCloud forums and see what I can find
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    Friday, January 08 2021, 08:29 AM - #Permalink
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    Can you check your bind mount is working and that you are not out of disk space ("df -h")? To check your bind mount is working, try:
    touch /dev/sdb1/owncloud/data/test.file
    ls /var/clearos/owncloud/data/test.file
    Does the file show up?

    Otherwise there have been no updates to ClearOS so it suggests a manual change has caused the problem. If you consider rolling your VM back, make a snapshot in your current state as well so you can roll forward again.
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