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Hello all,
I just receive a request to install a componant to limit internet access to the users. This limitation should have different levels of internet access :

When a user try to get an access to internet, my component should acts like this :

1. If the user belongs to the free-internet.access group, no worry nothing happens and he/she could surf the web
2. If the user is no authorized, a check of the destination is made. If the website belongs to a white list, ok he/she can reach it
3. If none of above, a username/password is requested to access the web.

Is there a tool (web proxy with acess control, gateway manangement) which alllows this kind of behaviour ?

Per advance, thanks for your help
Kind Regards :)

Wednesday, January 10 2018, 05:27 PM
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    Thursday, January 11 2018, 03:53 AM - #Permalink
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    I think these requirements can be met using these two apps: Web Proxy Server and Web Access Control
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