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Hi everyone,

I'm breaking my head over his cause I think it's really simple, yet I can't seem to figure it out.
I have a APC UPS connected to my HPE proliant microserver running ClearOS. The UPS is connected with USB cable also to get all the status alerts.
Now in clearos you can install apc battery backup manager where you can setup when the server has to shutdown and where to send mails to

Here's what I don't get: I've set up my mail smtp in the server at "settings-mailsettings" tested it and it works. I also seem to get the server events and notification like login failures.
But I don't get any mail from the APC backup manager. I can see a broadcast notification via SSH but I don't get any message via mail or on the events and notifications of ClearOS.

Is it because the broadcast message is sent from and this doesn't exist? If it is, how do I change this? Thanks in advance

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Friday, June 15 2018, 01:52 PM
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    Friday, June 15 2018, 05:03 PM - #Permalink
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    Apcupsd e-mails to root. It can be changed in/etc/apcupsd/apccontrol but it is not worth it. Really you should have root aliased to a valid user so you get some of the other system e-mails. To do that edit /etc/aliases. I have a couple of lines:
    # Person who should get root's mail
    root: nick
    Put in your equivalent and run the command "newaliases" from the command line for the change to take effect.
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