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I have a user that has recently told us her PST file has somehow emptied itself. After looking at her Outlook profile, I verified that Outlook is pointing to the location in which we instruct users to save PSTs. P:\username\. (Yes, we save our PSTs to a network share). The PST is only 265KB which indicates it is empty. I verified this on her roaming profile which she uses when logging into the environment via Citrix.

She claims she used the PST every day from both here within the office on her desktop PC and from her remote Citrix locations up until she reported that its contents disappeared, I have no reason not to believe her.

I have searched the following locations for her PST.
The entire C: drive or her PC
The entire C:\ of our Citrix servers which she often logs onto.
The location in which her Citrix roaming profile is saved...nothing...

I went to backup storage (dating back to ealry 2008) and I can only find the 265KB version of this PST.

A couple of months ago we did suffer some poor performance on our NAS/SAN storage (where all data is saved) and at first I thought corruption could be the culprit. But again, I cannot find this PST anywhere on our backup tapes.

Anyone have any ideas where I could continue to look or any knowledge on how a PST could actually become empty but appear to have emails in it?????
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Tuesday, September 15 2015, 11:40 AM
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Tuesday, September 22 2015, 02:20 PM - #Permalink
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Short guide which might be effective in your case, as an additional pool of info see links below... Outlook Repair Toolbox

Let’s try to repair the damaged PST file automatically. To do it, start scanpst.exe and specify the path to the PST file.

Important! Before starting the tool, close Outlook and other processes using the PST file to be repaired.

To scan a file for errors, click Start.

Validation and analysis of the file structure consists of 8 steps. The scan time depends on the size of your PST file and the number of errors in it.

In our case the tool has reported that the personal folders file contains some errors and suggests to repair it (the Repair button). If you haven’t made a backup of the PST file, you can do it now by checking the correspondent box and specifying the file name.

After you click Repair, the PST file repair starts, which also consists of 8 steps. In our case, it has taken 15 minutes to repair a 1GB archive.
If it goes ok, you’ll see the message Repair complete after the tool is done, and you can try to open the PST file in Outlook.
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