Andi  Riza
Andi Riza
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Hi All,

Good news that ClearCenter has acquired Witsbits. I hope Witsbits / ClearVM virtualization technology can be integrated perfectly with ClearOS.

I have tried to install Witsbits, and ClearOS 6 Community as its Virtual OS. Goes well and functioning properly. But there are some who want me to be clear because of lack of documentation about Witsbits.

1. How can i add an additional Network Card in host server ?
2. How can i add a new virtual Network Card on Virtual OS ?
3. Can i resize HDD space of my Virtual OS ?
4. Can i do High Availability , Clusterring, and Failover between Virtual OS ?

Thx ;)
In ClearVM
Saturday, June 06 2015, 06:40 AM
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