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  • Indigi.e.Net - Sun Haven Group - Summer 2009

      Created on Monday, 05 October 2009

     Completing a weeks worth of aligning and goal setting meetings. Good times with great people!  

    Indig.e.Net - 2009 Summer Meetings

    Greg, Paul, Randall, Bride, Brett, Enrique, Mike, Bride, Joseph, Michael 

  • Indigi.e.Net - Pacific Rim Group - Winter 2008

      Created on Monday, 05 October 2009

    Connecting The Fourth Way via Indigi.e.Net for harmony and prosperity with select Pacific Rim Leaders.

     Connecting The Fourth Way via Indigi.e.Net

    Greg, Rowena, Michelle, Lawrence, Phil, Michael

  • Indig.e.Net Project Overview: “A Humanitarian Project Initiative for the Empowerment of Disenfranchised Indigenous Peoples & Communities in the World”

      Created on Saturday, 12 September 2009
    Indig.e.Net Overall Vision | Mission:
    To impact, empower and transform the hope and opportunities for education, personal growth and improved livelihood of disenfranchised Indigenous Peoples and communities worldwide via the innovative deployment of lower cost integrated open source systems, applications, technology-mediated learning and educational content, and the creative use of self-sustaining technologies, social networking and participatory media tools.

    ClearFoundation Supporting Vision | Mission Statement:
    The Clear Foundation will assist the Overall Vision | Mission by integrating the best open source technologies into a simple to use browser interface and ensure it is easy to install and deploy on almost any x86 hardware system, device or appliance.

    Indig.e.Net Overall Core | Objective:
    To educate and help Indigenous individuals and communities to benefit fully from the 21st Century knowledge economy, cross the digital divide and build for themselves a self-sustaining future while making their own unique contributions to a more harmonious and balanced world environment.

    ClearFoundation Supporting | Core Objective Statement:
    The Clear Foundation will assist this Core Objective by developing and driving awareness around key open source technologies and helping ClearCenter to deliver cloud based services to help simplify the deployment and utilization of technology to Indigenous communities initially in select and isolated areas in the Americas and the Pacific Rim.

    Indig.e.Net Overall | Core Approach:
    A grass-roots community centered approach focused upon the building of deep community-centered networks. A philosophy of respect for Indigenous cultural heritage, preservation, self-reliance, sustainability and the value of their contributions to a more peaceful and balanced social and ecological world environment.

    ClearFoundation Supporting | Core Approach Statement:
    The Clear Foundation will assist this Core Approach by establishing Service Delivery Network clusters in rural areas, and by helping to drive low cost education via simple browser based learning to manage the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) layers.