Ready to get building? For most of 2015 key ClearCenter and ClearFoundation team-members have been jointly working hard on the new ClearOS Build System, which is patterned after many elements of the Fedora and Red Hat's Koji build system, with a fun twist. Intelligently allowing both Free and Paid / Open and Closed application developers to confidently work together on one ClearOS Build System. The ClearFoundation will be inviting and allowing external developers to develop on this new ClearOS Build System. Once developers have proven to be trusted, proficient at creating and supporting ClearOS Community Apps, ClearCenter intends to continue to help developers monetize both Free and Paid Apps for ClearOS using both GitHub and BitBucket repositories. 

Below is how the new ClearOS Build System Workflow works:


If you have a desire to learn how to develop, submit or build new ClearOS Marketplace Apps here is a ClearOS Build System - Getting Started Guide on how to get started or feel free to get started by filling-out this ClearOS Community Volunteer Form and reviewing the following helpful links: 

ClearOS Development Environment - Building an RPM - An Overview

ClearOS Development Environment - Building An RPM - The Basics

ClearOS Development Environment - Submitting Paid & Free Apps