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ClearOS Subscriptions Explained

ClearOS is one of the industries leading operating systems for Server, Network, and Gateway functionality. Built from enterprise grade source code, and including over 25 open source projects into one operating system (OS) delivers an elegant system built to deliver a wide variety of features & functions. ClearOS also includes the ClearOS Marketplace from ClearCenter; an app delivery engine that provides not only a simple means for scaling your system with new apps, but also provides turn key integration with 3rd party providers.

ClearOS comes in multiple software editions, each of which carry a different value proposition, targeted for different audiences. This page will explain the differences and reasons why you might want to subscribe to ClearOS if you use it in production.

ClearOS Editions | What's the difference?

ClearOS Community Edition

Built for developers, Linux experts, QA testers and general hobbyists, the Community Edition of ClearOS is a bleeding edge release which has a shorter lifecycle (6/mo) and is unsupported. It's unsupported because the community tests new updates, patches, bug fixes and apps on Community servers running in the wild. This provides a fun experience for those wanting to experience the latest coming down the pipe, but is not designed for production use.

ClearOS Home Edition

Home Edition provides a feature rich option for homes who wish to deploy a server for media sharing, storing and a wide variety of other functions seldom seen in homes with such simplicity. ClearOS Home does not have all the apps offered on ClearOS, but does have the needed features & functions that a home would desire for a mature home network. This edition includes many valuable services and assurance offered on the commercial ClearOS products. For this reason, nominally priced subscriptions are required for ClearOS Home Edition.

ClearOS Professional & Business Editions

ClearOS Professional & Business Editions are the flagship products from ClearOS, built to scale with almost any environment and known for their reliability and functionality. These editions are built for production users who expect maximum reliability and compliance. ClearOS Professional & Business Editions are quality tested, quality assured and performance optimized to scale with compute power and grow with your organizations needs. This means you'll never receive beta (untested) updates on your server and can always rest assured that the latest in tested threat protection and fixes are being dynamically updated on your system. These editions do require a valid subscription to be compliant with the EULA. One of four subscription options must remain registered to and active on the server at all times.

Why Do I Need A Subscription?

Specific editions of ClearOS requireIn order to provide a production ready edition, a few things are required which require resources ($) to deliver:

Quality Software Testing

The quality testing of ClearOS Professional & Business Editions allows you to rest assured that the software you're installing is more then simple open-source software that's community maintained. The testing done on these commercial editions is rigorous and extensive so you experience maximum up-time from your server.

Quality Assurance

With ClearOS quality assurance you know a commercial organization stands behind the commercial releases of ClearOS, with supported life cycles up to 5 years! We know our products work well and can deliver a solid game-changing IT solution for you, and we invite you to join in the redefined way of doing IT. Rest assured we'll be there to ensure all's well.

Performance Optimization

ClearOS Professional & Business are built to scale with compute power, having dynamic rules applied to maximize the efficiency and output of the server without adding to the complexity of managing the server.

Exclusive Apps

ClearCenter & ClearOS have done extensive business development work, in conjunction with software development to provide turn-key 3rd party app integrations in the ClearOS Marketplace. These production use-case apps are exclusive to these subscribed users and add great value and simplicity to managing your IT.

Professional ClearCARE Tech-Support

ClearCenter's ClearCARE team include the creators of ClearOS (formerly ClarkConnect) and each of the support engineers are extremely familiar with the in's and out's of ClearOS, along with other industry solutions. This provides a huge value when consulting with them on support, as their broad technical knowledge base translates directly into shorter support sessions and quicker resolution times.

Verified Updates

The development team at ClearOS & ClearCenter have built a unique process for dynamically delivering quality updates which have previously been tested on tens of thousands of Community servers located in all regions of the world. This ensures any and all hiccups related to updates are found, fixed and re-tested before ever touching your production server!

Priority Patches

When a patch is needed, it's needed now; not when an open-source contributor get's off work from his or her day-job and has time to help submit / test code in order to get your production server patched. Subscribers of ClearOS get priority treatment with priority patches often sent within minutes.

Priority Security Fixes or Updates

Much like a patch, security fixes can't be a “we're doing our best to get it out” type of update; and our development team recognizes this and ensures all production use subscribers are rapidly updated with the latest in security updates.

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