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SVN Comments

When committing source code changes to the SVN system, a helpful comment about the changes is required. A few seconds of time spent writing a good comment may save hours of time hunting down a problem later on. A comment should be:

  • A short one line description for each change. Typically there will only be one line, but sometimes two or three may be better.
  • A bug tracker issue number. See next section for details.
  • An action word to start the sentence (Fixed, Added, Updated).

Example Comments

  • Added MAC address configuration for PPPoE connections [tracker #26]
  • Fixed protocol filter parsing for names with dashes [fixed tracker #5]
  • Fixed typo in log message [notracker]

Bug/Feature Tracker Numbers

The SVN system is integrated with the Bug Tracker. When you make changes via SVN, the bug tracker is automatically updated with useful information. Very handy!

For significant bug and feature changes, a bug tracker issue number is required. For small issues and fixes, generating a bug report is not necessary; you have better things to do with your time. Some example small issues:

  • Fixing cosmetic typos
  • Fixing an uninitialized variable
  • Updating comments

There are three ways to specify a tracker number when making a comment via the SVN system:

[notracker]for small issues and fixes that do not require a tracker number
[tracker #]for a work in progress or partial bug fix
[fixed tracker #]for a completed issue; the status will automatically be set to resolved and the resolution set to fixed
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