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File System Layout

In earlier versions of ClearOS, the underlying API, web frontend and helper scripts were stored in different locations. That meant that each application would scatter files across the file system. With the release of version 6.0, the file system layout was improved and ClearOS Apps are now installed in one directory:


Inside this directory are the following sub-directories:

controllersThe “C” in MVC
deployInstall scripts, default configuration and other helper files
htdocsJavascript, images and other web assets
librariesThe “M” in MVC (though in ClearOS it's called a library, not a model)
packagingPackage information
testsUnit tests
viewsThe “V” in MVC

CodeIgniter Differences

For those of you coming from the CodeIgniter world, the file system layout should be familiar. However, we have integrated the Modular Extensions from wiredesignz so that each application is contained in its own directory instead of throwing everything inside the “applications” directory. You can find the gory technical details on the Modular Extensions web site.

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