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This guide will help you through the process of updating your BIOS on your ClearBOX 300 Generation 3 appliance. This BIOS update (R101) improves the ability for ClearOS to detect and properly address the network bypass.

Do not perform this update on ClearBOX 300 Gen1 or Gen2. If you are unsure about what generation of ClearBOX 300 you own, contact support and reference your original invoice

Bootable device

The BIOS for ClearBOX 300 Gen3 requires an MSDOS based environment to install the BIOS boot code. You will either need a USB drive or a USB attached floppy disk drive.

USB drive

Find a USB drive which you can erase completely for this purpose. Use the following guide to provision the USB disk drive so that it is bootable.

Once it is bootable, you will need the following file:


Rename the downloaded file to: CB300G3-BIOS.rar

You need to extract this file using an unzip program capable of extracting RAR files. (like 7zip)

This will give you the following files:


Copy these to your USB drive.

Boot the server to the USB drive (you may need to choose the boot order or select the floppy from the BIOS boot menu).

USB attached floppy disk

Alternatively, you can use a USB attached floppy disk drive and a bootable floppy disk. Format the disk on a windows workstation and make it a bootable drive. Then copy the BIOS code to the floppy disk (see previous section). Boot the server to the floppy drive (you may need to choose the boot order or select the floppy from the BIOS boot menu).

Installing the BIOS

After you have successfully booted to DOS, validate that your files are on the location that you booted to by running:


Ensure that you have good power to the server, you should not interrupt the process of updating the BIOS in any way. Run the following batch file to perform the BIOS update:


Once the BIOS is completely updated, it will return you to a DOS prompt. Reboot the server and validate the settings in the BIOS. You may need to set the defaults as an option and/or update the boot order to use the Compact Flash drive.

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