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ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Beta 2 Release Information

Released: October 28, 2009

Even though this release is quite stable, we strongly recommend re-installing the software when the final release is available. The main reason: there is an experimental X Windows-based console tool that brings a fair amount of extra overhead (the X-Windows system). We plan on fine tuning this new console system to make sure:

  • its footprint remains as small as possible, and
  • it is easy to install/uninstall and enable/disable

Providing a clean upgrade path for this experimental X-based console might be a bit messy (or it might not).

If you have not already done so, please review the introduction to test releases.


Beta 1 to Beta 2

  • Updated build to use CentOS/RHEL 5.4 sources (Linux kernel incomplete).
  • Updated Samba to version 3.4.2 in preparation for improved Windows 7 support.
  • Added new validation to make sure user, group and flexshare names do not overlap.
  • Fixed missing allusers Samba group mapping.
  • Added missing file ( that broke some webconfig pages.
  • Exposed the Domain Admins/domain_admins group in the web interface.
  • Re-added most of the missing reports, still a work in progress.
  • Fixed logo on web server start page (note: the old logo will still be seen for upgrades).

Known Issues

  • Slow web interface when the SSL subsystem is in use (user manager, organization information)
  • Menu system still needs to be replaced.
  • Web rendering is still a work in progress.
  • Registration is not available.
  • Reports are a work in progress.

Installing Features

You may notice that the usual software module installer is not installed. Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable simply because the registration system is unavailable. Fortunately, you can still install software from the command line. To see a list of available modules, run:

yum grouplist

To install one of these features, run:

yum groupinstall "module"

For example:

yum groupinstall "Content Filter"

Feature Status

Available in this Release

  • Transition from ClarkConnect to ClearOS!
  • Full access to the web-based administration tool from the console
  • New web-based administration template including improved support for co-branding
  • Source code cleanup in preparation for transfer to ClearFoundation

In the Pipeline

  • Support for co-branding for ClearOS consultants and partners

Upgrade from Beta 1

To upgrade from 5.1 beta 1, run:

yum upgrade
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