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ClearOS Community 6.2.0 Beta 3 Release Information

Released: February 29, 2012

If you do not want to read these release notes (you should!), please at least read the following two bullet items:

  • Please do not run this in a production environment
  • Please do not upgrade from previous 5.x versions (not supported)

ClearOS Community 6.2.0 Beta 3 has arrived! Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, Beta 3 includes the following new apps: Content Filter, Flexshare, Samba, Remote Server Backup, Print Server, Password Policies, and Network Visualizer. New apps in the Professional Edition include: Google Apps Synchronization, Active Directory Connector, and Central Management. This will be the last beta as we head toward a final release. We will soon be able to put those Duke Nukem jabs behind us.

For those of you who missed the recent announcement, ClearOS now comes in two different flavors: Community and Professional. That “Enterprise” name was a holdover from the old days and it has always caused some confusion (we heard you Ladislav). The Professional Edition includes technical support and is intended for businesses, education, non-profit and other professional organizations. The Community Edition has all the old Enterprise features and is intended for less critical environments: home, Linux shops, and just plain old open source hacking. You can read the gory details on this topic in an earlier blog post.

If you have not already done so, please review the introduction to test releases.

What's Coming in ClearOS Community 6.2.0

So what can you expect in the final release of ClearOS Community 6? Along with updating the base system built on source code from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 1) 6.2, this release includes the following major changes. Please note: these features will be rolled out during the alpha/beta phase.

Base System

  • Marketplace
  • Base system built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2) 6.2 source code
  • 64-bit support
  • Graphical installer
  • Wireless support (ClearBOX)
  • Windows BDC support
  • App developer framework

New Apps

  • Google Apps synchronization
  • Active Directory connector
  • Master/Slave support
  • Kaspersky Gateway Antivirus
  • Kaspersky File Scan
  • Zarafa Standard and Community (coming soon)

Changes Since Beta 2

Along with many bug fixes and enhancements, the following new apps have been released with beta 2.


  • Content Filter
  • Content Filter Updates


  • Network Visualizer


  • Active Directory Connector (Professional Edition App)
  • Google Apps Synchronization (Professional Edition App)
  • Flexshare
  • Windows Networking / Samba
  • Print Server


  • Central Management (Professional Edition App)
  • Remote Server Backup
  • Password Policies

Known Issues

  • Buttons and widgets in the web interface need some tweaking
  • Special validation handling has not been complete, for example:
  • The hostname must be resolvable (add it to DNS server if required) or some services will not start (notably, FTP)
  • Some translations are missing
  • The last step in installer may take a couple of minutes to complete
  • Network manager needs to be able to handle installer defaults
  • The Active Directory Connector is not supported on slave nodes at the moment
  • Mail aliases generate an duplicate error
  • Configuration backup is incomplete
  • User Import is very slow (with the addition of memberOf functionality)
  • The install wizard has a few rough edges… almost there.


Please post your feedback in the ClearOS Development and Test Release Forum.


Graphical Installer

ClearOS Enterprise Alpha 2 -Installer


ClearOS Marketplace by ClearCenter

1) , 2) Trademark is the property of the respective owner. ClearFoundation is not affiliated with Red Hat.
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