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ClearOS provides a basic Appletalk File and Print (AFP) server that can be used for user home folders using the Appletalk protocol. This is useful for setting up Mac OSX computer to use ClearOS as their Time Machine backup location.


If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Server|File|Appletalk Server


From the Webconfig configuration page you can stop and start the service. You can also edit the configuration to give one of three states:

  • User folders disabled (useful if you want to make other shares but NOT home directories)
  • User folders enabled with unlimited disk reporting. In this mode the disk free will be reported to the client to be the actual disk free on the system. This means that time machine users will be able to consume the entire volume with their backups.
  • User folders enabled with a disk free limitation. Useful to set a cap or quota on the consumption by Time Machine

Time Machine

For users that will use this feature with Time Machine, we recommend setting an appropriate disk limitation

For users of Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and greater, you can use the Apple File Protocol with your Time Machine feature from Apple. Connect to your running share (Command+k in Finder). Log in. Now, open system preferences by clicking the Apple icon at the top left. Select System Preferences… and then choose Time Machine under the System section. Choose the Select Disk button. You should see your home directory on the list. Highlight it and select Use for Backup.

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