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This app has been deprecated. These notes are only useful for a historical perspective or as a starting point for a future development. There is no direct AppFirst app in the ClearOS Marketplace

The AppFirst, cloud-based network and server monitoring service delivers unified visibility from many data sources. Custom dashboards, historical datasets, data correlation and the ability to easily graph data provides administrators with an essential tool to proactively manage the system.

AppFirst uses a freemium model for up to 3 systems per account with restricted bandwidth usage. Two paid levels offer higher data usage and longer retention time of collected stats.

This app requires the creation of an AppFirst account.


If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Cloud|Monitoring|AppFirst System Monitor


It should come as no surprisd that most of the configuration for a cloud-based application resides…in the cloud. However, for convenience, there are some settings that allow a user to quickly configure AppFirst settings by using AppFirst's RESTful API.


Allows you to enable or disable the collector. This has the same effect as stopping the collector service from running.

Log Files to Sync

AppFirst provides the ability to store log files to the cloud-based service. A list of log files in the multi-select dropdown allows an administrator to select which (if any) log files to sync to the cloud.

Free AppFirst accounts have relatively small daily bandwidth transfers limits. If your log files are large, you may go over the published limits.

The advantage of pushing log files to the cloud is two-fold. First, on paid subscriptions of AppFirst, you can maintain log files for 30 days to a year (Standard and Professional subscriptions, respectively). This may be required for compliance and/or historical tracking reasons. The second advantage is to make use of AppFirst's correlation methods that allow an admin to search/filter on terms and correlate them to other system events (eg. high load, memory, disk full etc.).

Server Tags

Allows administrators to quickly assign defined server tags to a server after installing the app. Server tags are used to help organize assets in the field.

Additional Information

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